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Cell Therapy Treatment for Parkinson's

Parkinson's disease is a brain disorder that occurs when certain nerve cells in the brain die or become damaged.  The normal function of these nerve cells is the production of Dopamine - a vital chemical which is responsible of our body's smooth and well coordinated movement.  The lack of Dopamine as a result of damaged nerve cells can cause the Parkinson's symptoms of shaking (tremors), stiffness of the muscles, freeze ups, balance difficulties and slowness of movement.

To treat Parkinson's Disease we apply a unique procedure, specifically designed for Parkinson's patients, in which we implanting through brain injection adult Cell Therapys extracted from the human retina, called 'human Retinal Pigment Epithelial cells' (hRPE). These special cells have the quality of producing Dopamine which gives solution to the lack of Dopamine production which causes the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Another important advantage of these cells is that they have no immunosuppressive reactions and therefore patients do not need to take additional drugs during the treatment.

The treatment includes the implantation of hRPE cells into the region in the brain where the damaged cells are, along with a daily cocktail of medications that 'fertilize' this area, helping the cells to survive and keep on renewing themselves.

While the treatment can not completely remove all symptoms of the disease, it can greatly reduce the tremors, decrease muscle tension, improve movement's continuity and balance, increase the muscle strength, reduce the freeze ups, etc.

On June 2006 we have performed the first published successful Cell Therapy treatment for Parkinson's world wide, of an American patient that came to our hospital at a very progressive stage of Parkinson's Disease. 

You can find the Patient Experience of Penny Thomas at:

Our comprehensive program for Parkinson's patients combines both nerve Cell Therapy activation and stimulation and the Cell Therapys implantation.  This combined treatment has so far proved itself to be most efficient in bringing high level of recovery in different neurological diseases. The treatment includes Cell Therapy implantation, medications procedure, surgery procedure, biofeedback treatment and comprehensive rehabilitation. The key to the success of this treatment method is the overall customized treatment regimen for each patient.

Clinical Trial

In 2004, a clinical trial was conducted at Beida Cell Therapy Research Center, in which 20 Parkinson's Patients has been treated with hRPE Cell Therapys at our hospital. All of the patients showed increasing dopamine metabolism, and the conditions of the all the patients improved after the transplantation. Long term following up is still under investigation and therefore treatments are still under careful control, especially in the selection of the suitable patients. 

hRPE Cell Therapys Implantation

The hRPE cells will be injected through Stereotactic surgery into the Putman area in the brain. We use that technique since it has the highest accuracy.
A single injection of hRPE Cell Therapys will be given to the patient.

Self Cell Therapys Activation and Proliferation

Under non-invasive circumstances, through daily IV of individually customized cocktail of neurotrophic medicines we activating the patient's own Cell Therapys and thus turning these cells into nerve precursor cells.  These have signalization and migrate to lesions along the nerve developing-chord. Through this procedure we will create a most active and 'fertile' nerve environment in the brain, to allow the new implanted cells to survive, and to start a continuous process of renewing themselves.  


Rehabilitation therapy is very much necessary as a part of the entire treatment regimen. In the past 20 years nerve system rehabilitation in terms of motor control theory has been greatly developed. The adult Cell Therapy mobilization technique we use is combined with signal induction in the rehabilitation training procedure which can significantly improve brain function.

In our Rehabilitation center we use different kind of rehabilitation methods of Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech therapy and Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The Procedures

Self Cell Therapy activation and proliferation program

This program usually takes five to seven weeks of stay in the Hospital.

1. Upon arrival at the hospital, you will be given standard tests to check your health and the details of your condition. A thorough evaluation of the neurological function and understanding of the lesion or pathological change in the brain tissues will be established by the medical team.

2. According to your condition a medical plan will be designed for Self Cell Therapy Original Activation and Proliferation treatment.  Then, to drive off the triggers factors of the stroke, we will treat the blood vessel wall, the blood ingredients and the blood flow, improving the brain micro environment to help the Cell Therapys proliferate.

3. The self activation and proliferation treatment will than start. Based on Neuro-endocrine immune network theory, we treat the patients by 'waking up' the sleeping Cell Therapys through oral medication. We use different medications during different processes (proliferation-inducement-differentiation), the medications always adjusted and combined; therefore, we call it 'cocktail treatment'.

4. Through the treatment period we will be following up and evaluate your neurological function and improvement.

5. While one treatment cycle is complete, 2 to 5 months rest are recommended before coming for second treatment.

hRPE Cell Therapys implantation procedure by stereotactic technology

1. Preparation: You will be given enough time to recover after your trip before you will receive your first injection of Cell Therapys. Some patients prefer to wait a day or two to get settled in before taking all the tests as they are quite thorough and can be strenuous after a long trip.

2. A stereotactic frame is installed on the patient's head and he is then sent to CT or MRI scan with the frame.

3. The patient is sent to the operation room for surgery. The operation procedure:

The 3-D parameters of the injection target is calculated by 2 computers and related program to make sure of the accuracy of the surgery.
A sterile surgical guiding frame is installed that is connected with the head frame.A needle is then inserted under the guiding frame into the target by a tiny hole in the skull through which the Cell Therapys are injected.

Side effects

Both of the procedures can cause minor side effect for 2 to 3 days after the operation such as fever, headaches, dizziness and fatigue.  These side effects are expected and should not alarm or concern you. Many patients do not suffer any side effects.

Treatment period

The recommended period of time for treatment is 5 to 7 weeks. Once submitting the medical records of the patient our medical team will suggest a specific medical plan and recommended treatment period.

To see a daily time table of the treatment program from the day of arrival to the day of departure please Click here

Signing up for treatment

If you are considering the treatment, we will need you to fill in the attached document: Medical Evaluation From for Parkinson's.doc. By the information you will provide the doctors could determine if you can be a candidate for this treatment. It will be most helpful if you will also provide them with other medical records + MRI images if possible. We will then have a consultation with the doctors about your case and will come back to you with their evaluation and suggested course of action.

You have two options of sending your MRI and medical records:

1. If you can have your MRI as digital images you may send them as attachments along with your diagnosis and medical background via email:
Send us your medical records here.

2. You can send us your MRI and medical records by air mail. Make sure to use express mail so you can track the package if necessary.

Please send the package to the following address:

To: Maria Leybenson
Beijing Beijing Puhua International Hospital Hospital
12 Tiantan Nanli
Beijing, 100050,
People's Republic of China

Our international department team will be happy to answer any enquiry by email or phone, and consult with the doctors if necessary. We will get back to you as soon as possible with their answer and suggested course of action.

Send us an enquiry here 

As you made the decision of coming for treatment please fill in the following form:Initial Background for Beijing Puhua International Hospital Patients.

Signing up for treatment is easy and flexible, we need to know your date of arrival two weeks in advanced so we can reserve you a room and arrange to pick you up from the airport.

Our international department team will help you to figure out all the arrangement for your trip. For more information about traveling arrangements see here.

We warmly recommend you to have a look at our useful Q&A.

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