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Richard Wiegand - PSP

NAME: Richard Wiegand
SEX: Male
AGE: 65
DIAGNOSIS: Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

REASON FOR TREATMENT: Several years ago, Richard was diagnosed with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. The disease, has left Richard in a wheelchair, and left him unable to care of himself. At first Richard has experienced frequent falls, and later, as his condition declined, he stopped walking altogether. PSP has affected Richard's speech, and made his eyes extremely sensitive to light, thus causing Richard to wear sunglasses at all times, even while indoors.

Richard and his family have tried everything before deciding to come to China for Cell Therapy treatment. Unfortunately, none of the treatments available for PSP outside of China was able to help him get better, or slow down the decline of his condition. In order to search for a better quality of life, Richard and his family have decided to come to China.    

TREATMENT: 4 injections of neural Cell Therapys + Self Cell Therapy activation and proliferation therapy.


interview before.wmv;PT before.wmv

Prior to coming for treatment, Richard was not able to walk independently because of unsteady balance Needed to be supported on both sides when attempted to walk, thus causing him to mobilize in a wheelchair. Richard often feels dizzy, and needs constant care.

Since being affected with PSP, Richard lost weight and had a decline in his appetite. Richard is experiencing choking while eating, and he is now unable to eat or drink by himself. Richards speech was severly affected by PSP. He is unable to speak quickly and clearly, which makes it difficult for outsiders to understand.


interview after.wmv;PT after.wmv

After coming to Beijing Beijing Puhua International Hospital hospital for Cell Therapy treatment, Richard has tried his best to cooperate with the treatment program, and has been able to see great improvements in his condition following the hard work he has undergone. Richard feels much better in general. He is able to walk steadily and quickly by himself, something he could not do for over a year. Richard's strength has improved, and he feels more energetic than before. Richards dizziness has stopped after the first Cell Therapy implantation.

Improvements can also be seen with Richard's speech. He now talks to others more actively, converse more fluently and fast. Since Richards speech became clearer and louder, it is easier for others to understand him, which makes it easier for him.

Richards sensitivity to light has improved. He can now walk without sunglasses, even while going outside, although he still keep the glasses on sometimes. Richards eyes do not tear as much as before. More eye blinking movements is noted.

Following Cell Therapy treatment, Richard can now eat and drink by himself. It is also easier for him to turn his head and change his body position.

Richard's accommodating family members have been able to records improvements made by Richard in the hospital, and they hope that the physiotherapy routine Richard has learned will help him to gain even more improvements upon returning home. The whole family has made great friends in the hospital, and has promised to keep in touch to update us on Richards improvements.



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