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About Beijing Puhua International Hospital

Tiantan Puhua International Hospitals and clinics were founded in 1995 in order to provide excellent neurological and neurosurgical care with an international setting in Beijing. Since then, we have expanded rapidly to become Beijing's leading full service hospital, adding new medical services each year to better serve our patients needs.

Beijing Tiantan Puhua International Hospital provides patients from all over the world with advanced stem cell procedures and treatments in Asia's top neurological and neurosurgical hospital. We treat patients of all ages and at early to advanced stages of their condition.

The hospital was initially started by the American Pacific Medical Group (APMG), which is a leading medical service provider founded by 35 United States physicians and surgeons in 1992, as well as Tiantan Hospital, China's leading neuroscience hospital and the WHO training center for neurology and neurosurgery in China.

Since 2005 the hospital and clinic has operated independently as an international center of excellence for residents and visitors to Beijing. Stem cell treatment can be used to improve a patient's symptoms, increase mobility and independence, decrease pain and normalize body function. It can also be used a means of halting the progression of a degenerative condition such as Parkinson disease, Batten disease, ALS, MSA, Multiple Sclerosis, and many more.

Every patient at the stem cell treatment center of Tiantan Puhua International Hospital has a team of doctors treating them to be sure to receive the most complete and comprehensive medical care available anywhere.

We also have a team of stem cell scientists and technicians conducting research on the clinical use of neural stem cells and bone marrow derived Mesenchymal stem cells at our own stem cell lab, to improve our stem cell treatment procedures.

When it comes to the latest in stem cell healthcare, Tiantan Puhua Hospital doctors have developed a number of unprecedented and world leading stem cell treatment programs including 'Self stem cells Activation and Proliferation Program', neural stem cells implantation by Sterotacxios technique and Spinal Cord Stem Cell Injections.

Every patient at Tiantan Puhua has a team of doctors treating them from different departments to be sure to receive the most complete and comprehensive medical care available anywhere.

From your first communication with us, through your carefully considered medical treatment plan, to the top staff, international-level care, our extremely pleasant surroundings, and our total focus on a better quality of life for you, we are sure Tiantan Puhua Hospital will bring you an altogether positive experience.

Please contact us today for more information and to discuss your situation with our caring staff.

Stem Cell Treatment for Parkinson's
Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy
Our Medical Team
Our Task and Vision
Albert Siaotong - MSA
Joaquim Violante - MSA
Anneth Swai - MSA
Namhee Chung - MSA
Voda Niculae - MSA
Parkinson???s Disease - Parkinson's Disease
Ah Chay Tan - Parkinson's Disease
Rahman Karim - Parkinson's Disease
Ah Chay Tan - Parkinson's Disease
Parkinson`s Disease - Parkinson's Disease
Niyaz Zabirov - Parkinson's Disease
Victor Stadnik - Parkinson's Disease
Mubarak Alneaimi - Parkinson's Disease
Bernard Verbaan - Parkinson's Disease
Takako Moon - Parkinson's Disease
Manfred Zimny - Parkinson's Disease
Balang Bin Kapusoh - Parkinson's Disease
Eric Kombeakali - Parkinson's Disease
Therese Lu - Parkinson's Disease
Richard Jewell - Parkinson's Disease
James Cook - Parkinson's Disease
William Bill Marquis - Parkinson's Disease
Ritha Lindell - Parkinson's Disease
Michael Smith - Parkinson's Disease
Kathleen Card - Parkinson's Disease
Linda Mckenzie - Parkinson's Disease
Ursula Kluber - Parkinson's Disease
Steve Woodward - Parkinson's Disease
Nguyen Thi Chin - Parkinson's Disease
David Budiono - Parkinson's Disease
James Devlin - Parkinson's Disease
Linda Rouen - Parkinson's Disease
David Brown - Parkinson's Disease
Jane Edwards - Parkinson's Disease
Penny Thomas - Parkinson's Disease
Angelina Martishina - Cerebral Palsy
Gleb Kazakov - Cerebral Palsy
Anastasia Mescheryakova - Cerebral Palsy
Derek Grabast - Cerebral Palsy
Tsukimi Watanabe - Cerebral Palsy
Master Ibrahim Yousuf - Cerebral Palsy
Ke Yi Tang - Cerebral Palsy
Adrian Foon Abrahamsen - Cerebral Palsy
Anel Balayeva - Cerebral Palsy
Nathan Gil Perez - Cerebral Palsy
Jerica Elizabeth Cole - Cerebral Palsy
Abdul Azim Azhar Ali Khan - Cerebral Palsy
Attila Lawrence - Cerebral Palsy
Bianca Caprioru - Cerebral Palsy
Gabor Bocskai - Cerebral Palsy
Khaled Ahmed Al Afifi - Multiple Sclerosis
Badreddin Al Salloumi - Multiple Sclerosis
Stanislava Tapavicki - Multiple Sclerosis
Michael Darga - Multiple Sclerosis
Shayma Zuhair Ibragim - Multiple Sclerosis
Chen Li Shu - Multiple Sclerosis
Pejovic Strahinja - Batten's Disease
Aleksa Covic - Batten's Disease
Tatyanna Zazalak - Batten's Disease
Blake Dell'Aringa - Batten's Disease
Albert James De Meillon - Brain Injury
Abdulrahman Alsaadi - Brain Injury
Mark Pender - Brain Injury
Daniel Maughan - Brain Injury
Adrian Blazevic - Brain Injury
Ataxia - Ataxia
Miguel Angel - Ataxia
Kreem Izeldin Khalafalla - Ataxia
Mouayad Khalafalla - Ataxia
Joseph Pomykal - Ataxia
Tamer Saied Ahemed - Spinal Cord Injury
Steven Du Toit - Spinal Cord Injury
Cesar Sebastiao - Spinal Cord Injury
Alamemi Asem - Spinal Cord Injury
Edin Hasicic - Spinal Cord Injury
Cartaze H. Ragland - Spinal Cord Injury
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - ALS
Lynne Maree Negfeldt - ALS
Manana Andriadze - ALS
Yagi Masah - ALS
Hideo Tanaka - ALS
Amna Muftah EL-Shawish - ALS
Abdul Wahed - ALS
Arafat Saeed Abdulhasan Ali Fakhar - ALS
Andrew Macintosh - ALS
William Sakakura - ALS
Edgardo Antonio Escobar - ALS
Karen Brooks - ALS
Mayed Suha - Development Disorder
Sultan Saif - Development Disorder
Maather Saif - Development Disorder
Hazza Saif - Development Disorder
Tamim Jamal Algharabawi - Development Disorder
Malika Lahouaria - Development Disorder
Solvita Kadzyte - Development Disorder
Graham Edmond Leach - Other Neurological Conditions
Garry Francis Crossley - Other Neurological Conditions
Nina Tolchenova - Other Neurological Conditions
Dun Jing Wu - Other Neurological Conditions
Yahya Khaled - Other Neurological Conditions
Alexey Nechaev - Other Neurological Conditions
Cissy Ivy Bland - Other Neurological Conditions
Gorica Gavalugova - Other Neurological Conditions
Annie Gifford - Other Neurological Conditions
Richard Wiegand - PSP
Sok Lee - PSP
Wei Zhong Wang - Stroke
Cecilie Horgen - Epilepsy
Theodora Sarikouris - Epilepsy
Tareq - Diabetes
Abdullah - Diabetes
Allen Middlebrook - Diabetes
Bulan Binti Ekom - Diabetes
Miss Chen - Diabetes
Mr. Lu - Diabetes
Miss Yan - Diabetes
Ayyad - Diabetes
Mr. Luo Zheng Yong - Diabetes
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